November 2014: Products I really like a lot!

Unboxing Beauty

Why do I write these?  I swear, it seems that only I care!  But I do enjoy going over my new and not-so-new products and finding out which ones I liked the best during that month.   Where you can purchase the items ~ I usually embed the link with the name of product heading, which is above the main image.  For example, you can just click on the link below to find the Memebox Pony Palette

 Memebox Pony Palette

  • Top Row:  Easy Base, Easy Shadow, Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold
  • Bottom Row: Easy Charcoal, Easy Brown, Glam Espresso, Glam Cocoa

I purchased this in the beginning of November, and it has been my go-to eyeshadow palette this month.  I wrote up an extensive review here and my initial impressions have now turned into an official thumbs up for this product!  The shadows, with the exception of 2 of them, are…

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